Licensed Acupuncturist CEU Courses

  • All courses are Florida and NCCAOM approved.
  • All courses are also California approved with the following exceptions: FL Laws and Rules (both 2 and 20 hour), Medical Errors, & Electro-Cancer Therapy.
  • There are four courses which fulfill the bio-medical education requirement: 7 Reasons to Avoid Spine Surgery, Lab tests, Medical Imaging – Ionizing Radiation, & Medical imaging via Thermography.

79 Scientific Studies ​that ​Validate Massage (4 Hours)

The purpose of this course is to counteract the ignorance which surrounds the efficacy of the massage techniques used in an acupuncture practice. It also provides research from respected Western sources to give your acupuncture patients confidence in the effectiveness of the massage techniques you employ.

Beyond Ben-Gay™ (4 Hours)

How to Use Traditional Chinese Herbal Tinctures, Balms, and Liniments. Why not become the best you can be when doing traditional Chinese medicine?

Florida Acupuncture Laws and Rules (2 Hours)

These courses empower readers to understand the laws and rules which govern the profession of acupuncture in Florida.

Gwa-Sha Massage: How to Do It; Why It Works (4 Hours)

Untold Secrets of the Most Powerful Chinese Acupuncture Massage Technique.

Healing with Heat (4 Hours)

This course shows the wonders of moxibustion and the near infrared: its use in prehistory, precautions, clinical pearls, and research.

HIV / AIDS (3 Hours)

This course educates about modes of HIV/AIDS transmission, infection control procedures, clinical management, prevention, and current Florida law regarding HIV/AIDS and health care.

Medical Errors (2 Hours)

This course in root-cause analysis, error reduction and prevention, and patient safety related to the practice of massage gives a historical perspective of medical errors in other professions. You’ll be amazed at the mistakes other professionals have made.

Medical Ethics in China & the West (4 Hours)

A cross-cultural and cross-centuries comparison of Medical Ethics in China and the West. Very, very interesting!

Avoiding Infectious Diseases as a Licensed Acupuncturist (3 Hours)

This course offers some perspective on the interplay between microbes and humans and the pressing need to prevent infections in a clinical setting.

Tools for Ending the Tragedy of Human Trafficking (1 hour)

​​It’s sad to say, but the scourge of slavery did not end in the USA with the Civil War. Today human trafficking, which enslaves tens of thousands of young people and children, is a $32 billion a year business in America. Fortunately, you, as a Florida health care provider, are in a position to do something about it.

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