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79 Scientific Studies that Validate Massage

Despite centuries of empirical evidence, the efficacy of massage is still scoffed at by too many who know too little. Although it has been neglected by Western medicine until recently, massage in its various forms has been part and parcel of the healing arts from time immemorial, especially in China, and there is ample proof that it works well there for the treatment of many diseases. However, for some reason that perhaps reflects residual racism, Chinese studies are pretty much disregarded by Americans. 

During my first trip to China in 1990 I was surprised when I visited a college of traditional Chinese massage therapy. The massage therapists were treating patients exactly as would an acupuncturist with one difference. They would take a patient’s history, do a differential diagnosis, and arrive at a point formulary for  treatment – but with fingers instead of needles! – and their success was remarkable.

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