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Medical Imaging Via Thermography

“Should one part of the body be hotter or colder than the rest, disease is present in that part.”

– – Hippocrates

There are many types of medical imaging, from X-rays to sonograms; of all forms of medical imaging, infrared thermograpgy is the safest and, for some uses, the most cost effective.

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Part 1 - Medical Imaging via Thermograph Download
Part 2 - Wexler Thermography Protocol Download
Part 3 - Protocols for Breast Thermography Download
Part 4 - Klaber on Thermography Download
Part 5 - Dr. Luis Celpa's Thermography Protocol Download
Part 6 - Back Shu and Alarm Points Download

A 5 CEU Hour Course, copyright by Harvey Kaltsas, A.P., D.I.M.,Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM ) 

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