Acupuncture & TCM Courses

The Healing Centre LLC is an approved CEU/PDA Provider with the following Provider numbers:


Florida Board of Acupuncture CEU Provider # 50-3736

California Acupuncture Board CEU Provider #669

NCCAOM PDA Provider #585

Comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine Courses

  • All courses are Florida Board of Acupuncture Approved
  • All courses except Human Trafficking are NCCAOM Approved
  • The following ten courses are California Acupuncture Board approved: Doing TCM Differential Diagnosis of Symptoms of Covid-19 and Herbal Suggestions; Infectious Diseases, Before Bird Flu and Beyond; Gwa Sha Massage; E-Stim, How To Do It & Why It Works; The Power of Acupuncture Points; Miraculous Results Using Intradermals, Biophysics, and the Current of Injury; Healing Herpes; Overcoming Opioid Addictions; and Why Curcumin is the World's Most Used Herb
  • Just download the course materials and exams from this site. To do so, click on the title of each course; then look to the right under Description; and you'll see Download Course and Download Exam. Download them by clicking on Download Course and Download Exam.
  • . Once you've sent in your exams and we have received notice of payment, we will process your CEU/PDA credits. Just ignore any tabs on the bottom of the course materials which say TAKE THE EXAM. Instead, simply complete the exams on the forms you have downloaded.
  • BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR STATE ACUPUNCTURE LICENSE NUMBERS and NCCAOM ID # ON ALL YOUR EXAMS WHEN YOU RETURN THEM. That way we can send you proper certificates, upload your PDA credits directly to your NCCAOM transcript, and, if you are a FL licensee, we can post your CEU credits onto CE Broker. Without your NCCAOM number, we can't upload your credits to NCCAOM. If you contact us after we've sent you the initial certificate without your NCCAOM ID # and ask for a new certificate with the NCCAOM ID # so we can upload it to your NCCAOM certificate, then we'll have to charge you $10 for the extra service and new certificate. So please, mark your state license(s) and NCCAOM ID numbers on all your exams..
  •  Please e-mail your exams to , or you can fax your exams to 941-761-6036, or you can mail them to Healing Centre, LLC, 1217 S. East Ave., Suite 207, Sarasota, FL 34239